Are you a researcher, teacher or student with a fascination for the arts, the creative industries and social change?

Does your work stimulate imagination and contribute to new scenarios for the future of the creative and the cultural sectors?

Join the Creative Economy call!

Current times call for addressing a variety of societal challenges: bridging social divides, making communities safe and sustainable, ensuring healthy and fulfilling lives. Art and design practices are vital contributions to adaptive and resilient relations with the world. By enabling the creative and artistic agency within Fontys and TEC for Society, the arts and creative industries often raise more questions and open perspectives. Technology has become materiality to weave social relations together. In what direction and for what aims is a pressing question we all need to participate in while speculating and investigating possible scenarios for the future.

The TEC theme Creative Economy (CE)

CE addresses the economy of the cultural and creative industries. It includes the convergence of disciplines that use the product of creativity as a transaction and deliverable. That is the case of the creative industries (architecture, design, media and film) and the cultural industries (arts, heritage and performance arts – music, dance, theatre).

creative and cultural industries design future culture

Several Fontys institutes are joining forces to investigate ways to enable positive societal and systematic transformations, from the perspective of the arts and creative industries. The theme focuses on having a birds-eye perspective on the value creation of the cultural and creative industries concerning its broader effects on society (and its other sectors). Next to economic benefit, the creative and cultural industries contribute to societal questions, e.g. creatively activating the Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, creative industries contribute to an innovative, cultural and artistic climate. CE is not only a theme in itself but also an enabling “cross-over” that allows for interventions in several society domains.

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It connects researchers, practitioners and educators to explore value creation by promoting creativity and creative agency, in the context of societal questions, such, e.g. digitalisation, heritage, inclusion and democracy. We aim at prototyping future scenarios and possibilities, analysing their impact and effect on context, and learn how could these be meaningful in other settings. This allows for Fontys to anticipate societal developments in cultural and creative sectors of the region and deliver this knowledge within the education Fontys provides.

Until now, CE ran two mappings and four research tracks:

  • Mapping of sustainability activities within Fontys.
  • Mapping of the Dutch ecosystem of Creative Labs.
  • Design for Transformative Practices.
  • Post-Digital Cultures and the Future Internet.
  • Museums and Creative Societies.
  • The Automated Newsroom ♥ Watch the intro video ♥

Mission 2020: upscaling towards a Centre of Expertise

2018 was the TEC for Society start-up year where we dreamt big. In 2019, we started small, explored opportunities and piloted the seeds we planted the year before. For 2020, we are working on consolidation, focus and upscaling towards the building of a Centre of Expertise: a sector-broad acceleration organ that supports the development, promotion and empowerment of the regional Creative Economy and the variety of its disciplines. This development, of course, in line with some of the relevant agendas for the sector.

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The future Centre of Expertise will combine four functions:

  • A curatorial role: investigating the dynamics of the creative and cultural sectors in the region and translates them into actionable research projects that match the urgencies expressed in the regional agendas.
  • Community building: consolidating the structure of networks of knowledge exchange across sector players and regional knowledge institutes.
  • An incubator function: project opportunities and their implementation viability can be explored and accelerated by researchers in residency (internal or external).
  • A studio function: studios that activate the project lines developed and validated by the incubator. These studios focus on designing specific interventions and practice-research in collaborative projects between research lines, education programmes (research minor and master students) and the lectorates the researchers are based on.

Co-created programme 2020

The programme for 2020 is being designed in a bottom-up approach via interdisciplinary ideation sessions. This involves the work field, our Fontys regional consultants, teachers and researchers from different institutes that have an interest in research in topics related to the arts and creative industries, and respective impact. This exploration is on-going and will deliver the strategic focus for the Centre of Expertise under construction in December 2019. By the expression of interest to submit an application, you are invited to be involved in the process.

An open call for people and expression of interest

We are looking for people, projects and ideas with a focus on the empowerment of the regional creative and cultural sectors. This is a call for future scenarios that are directly related to the regional agendas and are aligned with the ambition of building the first creative Centre of Expertise in the south of the Netherlands. You are invited to express your interest in submitting a project proposal and develop it in dialogue with the theme Creative Economy.

This call is a collaborative process rather than a regular call for projects. Please note that this call requires preliminary dialogue and articulation with the Theme Creative Economy before submitting any final proposal, to assure that projects submitted are a match and directly related to the strategic focus of the Theme for 2020. A project proposal is thus not the entry point, but the result of a dialogue and collaboration between you and the theme. As such, the planning of this call includes a dialogue prior to submission, and also a longer open call period (3 months).


  • Please express interest via email to Willy Boets-Hollander (programme manager Creative Economy) including your (short) cv with your background, and elaborating on your motivations, topics of interest, and initial ideas;
  • You are welcome to join the ideation sessions to consolidate your plans, in light of the strategic focus of the theme;
  • Deadline for final proposals: 17:00 of Friday 31 January 2019.


The selection of final proposals will be made by the interdisciplinary team of the theme Creative Economy, together with critical partners in key positions in the regional Creative and Cultural sector. This collective will be announced in December 2019.

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Hi, thanks for dropping by. 🙂 I am a Dutch-Portuguese designer based in the Netherlands since 2007. Since a young age that I was curious to see the world. This led me to travel around for a few years as an exchange student, and later on as a young designer. I love meeting new cultures, and I am passionate about using my design and research craftmanship to address societal problems and come up with new possibilities and scenarios that work, that matter and somehow contribute to the greater good. Since 2017, I work for Fontys as Lector Media, Interaction and Storytelling, and the leader of the Fontys TEC for Society research theme Creative Economy.