Are you interested in the influence of AI on teaching practices? I am! On friday March 1st I will visit the annual conference of Innovation Centers Academic Bèta education (ICAB) at Wageningen University. Topic: AI & Higher Education. Every year, a science faculty in the Netherlands organises an educational conference with a topical theme. Will you be there too? That would be awesome! See all details below.

Wageningen University & Research


  • Thursday 29 Februari 2024 11:30 tot 21:00
  • Friday Maart 1st, 2024 08:30 tot 13:30

Building Omnia, Building number 105
Hoge Steeg 2
6708 PH Wageningen

This year, Wageningen University & Research is proud to host the ICAB conference, focusing on the exciting topic AI & Higher Education. Discover the various facets of AI’s(Artificial Intelligence) impact on education, from its applications in teaching to its influence on teaching practices and research on AI itself.

During ICAB, the following tracks will be covered:

  • Examination & AI
  • Student data & AI
  • AI Education
  • AI Research

For whom is this conference intended?
All staff from ICAB member universities of science faculties involved in AI in education, research and policy are welcome. Your journey of discovery in the world of AI in higher education is about to begin!

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Over Ronald Scheer

Ronald Scheer is an educator based at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven. Ronald is deeply engaged in the field of Engineering and is associated with the Robotics & Mechatronics professorship. In addition to his teaching role, he wears the hat of a skilled video and podcast creator within the professorship. Beyond the classroom, Ronald extends his expertise to assist fellow educators in crafting engaging learning materials for both online and classroom activities. His passion lies in enhancing the educational experience through multimedia content creation and innovative teaching methodologies.