Within Fontys we have many students from abroad. The international students choose Fontys because of our ambitious and innovative Bachelor- and Master programs.

International student in the spotlights
One of these students is Branigan Kerls from the USA. He started last week with his study Mechanical Engineering.

Project Flying start
Last week was also the start of a new educational project that was designed by Joris Glaser and Martin Stroetinga. The name of the project is ‘Flying start’ and students work a whole week at designing and building a hovercraft. During this project students not only learn new (technical) skills, but students also learn to find their way within (and around) Fontys Mechanical Engineering in Eindhoven. Last week I visited this project and I talked to our new student Branigan Kerls and lecturer Joris Glaser. During this conversation you can find out why Branigan is excited about the project.

Delta Project
Joris is also involved in another successful project: the Delta Project.  In July 2019 the students from this Delta project traveled to China with Joris Glaser and his Fontys lecturer Pablo Negrete Rubio from Mechatronics in Eindhoven. In Shanghai they received a prestigious award. Curious to find out about the projects ‘Flying start’ and ‘Delta project’? Click on the link below to listen to my conversation with Joris and Branigan.


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Over Ronald Scheer

Ronald Scheer is an educator based at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven. Ronald is deeply engaged in the field of Engineering and is associated with the Robotics & Mechatronics professorship. In addition to his teaching role, he wears the hat of a skilled video and podcast creator within the professorship. Beyond the classroom, Ronald extends his expertise to assist fellow educators in crafting engaging learning materials for both online and classroom activities. His passion lies in enhancing the educational experience through multimedia content creation and innovative teaching methodologies.