Text-To-Speech Technology and Voice Cloning
Text To Speech Technology and Voice Cloning in Education is very usefull when someone cannot speek directly into the camera.

TalkingPhoto with Heygen AI Video Generator
For this video I used a still image from one of my own video’s, to create a TalkingPhoto with Heygen AI Video Generator software.

In this video you are listening to an AI generated Voice-Over and you are looking at an AI generated TalkingPhoto. This video is for demonstration purposes only. One of my goals is to show how you can use AI technology in video production. Do not clone a voice without permission. An other goal with this video is to help teachers to find out how AI can be usefull to create educational materials to enhance learning.

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Over Ronald Scheer

Ronald Scheer is an educator based at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven. Ronald is deeply engaged in the field of Engineering and is associated with the Robotics & Mechatronics professorship. In addition to his teaching role, he wears the hat of a skilled video and podcast creator within the professorship. Beyond the classroom, Ronald extends his expertise to assist fellow educators in crafting engaging learning materials for both online and classroom activities. His passion lies in enhancing the educational experience through multimedia content creation and innovative teaching methodologies.