The Make Impact Consortium (MIC) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) organized the ‘Omni Hotels & Resorts COVID-19 Design and Innovation Challenge’ in the spring of 2021 to engage its students in ‘Making’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’ through ” Community building and ‘Social Awareness’. In this project, students will design teams of 3D solutions and prototype them around the theme: ‘how can we safely reopen hotels during COVID-19’.

Final day March 18, 2021

Of the 63 teams that registered, only 15 teams managed to reach the final, including 3 teams from Fontys Engineering. During the online event, in which the finalists on 5 continents were online at the same time, the teams were able to present to each other (and to the jury) what they had been working on for a long time.

Award Ceremony

There were several Awards to be won, namely:

  • 1st Prize – MathWorks MIC Design Award: $ 5,000
  • 2nd Prize: $ 2,500
  • 3rd Prize: $ 1,500
  • Best use of Fusion 360 sponsored by Autodesk: $ 2,000
  • Best use of Automation sponsored by iRobot: $ 2,000
  • Best Media Documentation: $ 1,000


  • 1st prize: Team: AGY. The idea: UVC light elevator lamps. By students from Bahcesehir University, instanbul, Turkey.
  • 2nd Prize: Team: Fearless Flyers. The idea: Shielder. By students from Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala city, Guatemala.
  • 3rd prize: Team: Making Impact Fontys. The idea: autonomous robot for baggage handling. By students from Fontys University of Engineering, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
  • The ‘Best use of Automation’ was won by the student team: Making Impact Fontys. The jury was very pleased with the elaboration of the idea for an autonomous robot for baggage handling.
  • The ‘Best use of CAD’ was won by Queensland University of Technology.
  • The ‘Best Documentation Award’ was won by Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala city, Guatemala.

As a proud teacher at Fontys Engineering…
I would like to thank everyone who helped to participate in this 2021 MakeImpact Consortium (from MIT) competition. Hope to see you all next year during the 2022 challenge! We can be very proud of the results we achieved together!

Overview of participating Fontys Engineering students

Two teams consist of Dutch-speaking Mechatronics students:

Team MakingImpact@fontys

  • Quirine Engbers
  • Marnix Mathlener
  • Jeroen van de Wetering
  • Daan ter Voert

Team Best Mech Crew:

  • Kevin van der Vleuten
  • Brian van Ham
  • Sven van Steijn
  • Rens Mollemans

Team The Dreisteins:

  • Keita Špēla,
  • Alessio Iuretig,
  • Sean Lambie

The latter team consists of English-speaking Mechanical Engineering students.

Guiding Fontys Engineering teachers

  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Bert Huis in ’t Veld (research leader 3D printing and teacher Production and Materials in Mechanical Engineering)
  • Ir. Michiel van Osch (research leader at the Lectorate for Mechatronics and Robotics)
  • Drs. Ronald Scheer (teacher at the Lectorate for Mechatronics and Robotics)

Collaborating partners Make Impact Consortium

The Make Impact Consortium is led by MIT with eight other Founding Members:

Objectives of the collaboration Make Impact Consortium

The Make Impact Consortium is for universities, businesses and public institutions who understand that technological innovation is about people first and foremost, and who appreciate the importance of joining a like-minded community for mutual learning and benefit.

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Over Ronald Scheer

Alle artikelen op worden door Ronald gemaakt en gepubliceerd op persoonlijke titel. Ook de podcast series 'Wij zijn Fontys' en 'De Toekomst van Onderwijs' worden gepubliceerd op persoonlijke titel. Ronald werkt binnen Fontys Engineering bij het Lectoraat voor Robotica & Mechatronica in Eindhoven. Hij is coach van twee succesvolle studententeams op het gebied van robotica, nl: 'Team Rembrandts 4481' en 'Robohub Eindhoven'. Team Rembrandts werd in 2019 wereldkampioen in de First Robotics Competitie. Daarnaast is Ronald showhost van enkele succesvolle podcast series, zoals: 'Wij zijn Fontys' en 'De Toekomst van Onderwijs: Oplossingen voor een veranderende arbeidsmarkt'. Alle afleveringen zijn te vinden op Spotify en iTunes. Naast zijn werk bij Fontys publiceert Ronald over 'De Toekomst van Onderwijs: Oplossingen voor een veranderende arbeidsmarkt'. Over dit onderwerp maakt Ronald een podcast serie en een nieuwsbrief. In dat kader geeft hij regelmatig online lezingen en treedt hij op als online dagvoorzitter op online beurzen & online conferenties. Ronald Scheer is afgestudeerd aan de faculteit der Toegepaste Onderwijskunde van de Universiteit Twente.